We also sell a selection of
FROZEN Fish from around the world
2kg Black Tilapia £12.50
3/500g or 5/800g
800+ Black Tilapia £15 per Bag
Large Red Tilapia 800g+ £N/A each
2.5kg Whole Milk Fish £13.50
Whole Large Trevally £N/A per KG
1-2kg Whole Octopus £22.00 per KG
Whole Mackerel £4.50 per KG
454g Calamari Squid £4.50
1kg Squid Tubes £5.99
Headless Red Fish £5.95 per KG
1kg Headless Redfish Slices £7.99
Whole Red Snapper £N/A per KG
Red Snapper Fillet £12.75 per KG
800g Galunggong/Scad £6.99
900g Bullet Tuna £6.50
1kg Indian Mackerel £5.50
1kg Terrenova Sardines £5.50
1kg 16/20 Tiger Prawns £10.99
1kg Headless 31/40 Prawns £11.50
400g Cooked Prawns £4.50
1kg Seafood Mix £8.50
700g King Fish Steaks £N/A
Cod Loins £N/A per KG
4 Large Fish Cakes £2.50
1kg Tilapia Fillet £7.99
1kg Pangasuis (white fish fillet) £5.99
Tuna Steaks £8.50 per KG
454g White Bait £2.99
Headless Hake £N/A per KG
1kg Baby Octopus £8.50
Marinated Milk Fish £10.95 per KG
Whole Squid (U5) £10.50 per KG
2.5kg Whole Catfish £10.00
800g 1/2 Shell Mussels £10.99
For more Information Contact
Barry or Liam 01865 779313